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Whether your organization is focused on improving performance or employee engagement, we will work with you and provide the processes, tools and strategic guidance you need to achieve your goals. With expertise in the areas of Strategic Management, Sales and Coaching Consulting, Program - Design, Development, Delivery  & Research and Analysis HILLMAN Consulting Services draws on years of experience to deliver quality consulting support.


We encourage you to learn more about us to understand why we use the words  Reliable, Experienced and Trusted to describe our organization.

When I was with Microsoft Canada (as General Manager) we worked with HILLMAN Consulting on a number of projects, most involving research and analysis. The information that we required was critical to strategic decisions we were making and, therefore, the quality and timeliness of the materials was critical to us. HILLMAN Consulting really focused on how their projects fit into our strategic plans and, as a result, deliverables from the company were beyond what we expected. HILLMAN Consulting Services was a great partner to work with.


Jeff Dossett

Senior Vice President

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